About Our Business

Meilin Salon & Spa has been a popular place in East Bay  to visit for hair styling and pedicure-manicure needs for over 20 years. In
terms of customer service we lead the pack like a beacon. Our owner Amy has built a solid reputation over her dedication. She
strives to meet the minutest detail for her clients. Truly, Amy’s standards for excellence and strict code of conduct are hard to
surpass. She picks and trains her girls only if she finds them worthy enough to meet her outstanding quality requirements. Why you
should choose Meilin Salon & Spa for your hair, skin or foot massages? In these times of text messages and videos on YouTube,
it's not easy to hide your weaknesses. Whatever its missteps your friends and enemies will be all over town talking about it. If you
do not believe us then ask Beyoncé whose lip synching the national anthem will probably be going with her to her grave. And
remember she is a superstar. So why would you be spared for your follies? Your personal appearance should not be compromised
and we can take care of your looks so you can be in the good books of your friends and coworkers.

Our staff comprises of thoroughbred hair stylists always ready to provide a range of products and services to suit your goals. We
are professional to the point of an obsession and put out all stops in getting you fruitful results. But above all we are often cited for
our warm and friendly demeanor. Our regular customers cannot stop singing the praises of Amy, Ashley and the rest of the
technicians. Amy in particular has received praise from old and new customers alike. There is some magic in her hands when it
comes to knowing her customer’s peculiar needs. One of her customer travels from out of town to get their hair done. Another was
surprised how Amy remembered how she wanted her hair done after a gap of several years. A lot of our esteemed customers are
so floored by the service at such reasonable rates, they often leave tip for our staff for outstanding work for which we are grateful.
We work round the clock to offer you the best attention possible. To maintain strong ethical principles, we follow the guidelines to
help us serve you - our customers - an exceptional way.

We always welcome walk-ins. In fact most of the clients supporting us for years decided to drop by our shop while on an errand.
They liked what we offered and have stayed with us since. But it is possible we may understandably look busy at times. In such
circumstances we can always schedule a appointment for a more convenient time. While we make all effort to adhere to all
appointments, we do give reasonable leeway before adding a charge for cancelled appointments. We do not endorse use of mobile
phones while we are busy at work and make all attempts to maintain calm in the salon. We welcome children at our place of
business for a discounted cutting or spa service. Look out for our online gift cards too which carry a lot of value for your special
someone. At this time we are not able to watch over your children when you are in a session with one of our stylists or therapists.

We use products of global recognition. At Meilin Salon & Spa money is not a criterion. Your comfort zone is always our top priority.
Our owner Amy’s mission statement is all about caring for the green earth and providing for a cleaner environment. We do want to
give back to this city that has supported our business wholeheartedly.  Our products are always full of natural herbs and skin
nourishing ingredients. We make sure to use oils and gels of nutritional value and importantly no animal was harmed while
producing them. Our plant based products are fragrant and yet rich in vitamins and proteins that are vital for a lively and glowing
face, hair, skin - your entire appearance. We get repeat customers for our aromatic offerings of organic tea, candles and soaps
extracted from essences of genuine flora and fauna. Our spa and massage parlors are filled with aromatic ambiance that will have
a soothing effect on your heated up psyche. Mind you, our products carry fragrances but do not contain chemicals that can cause
allergic reactions. You may wonder what makes us so unique. Hair and nails shops are a dime-a dozen. But at Meilin Salon & Spa
we believe doing your hair should not and need not be a chore that just has to be dealt with. Hair styling and skin conditioning are
techniques, arts to be mastered by tenacious artistes. We understand from our clients that our salon is a place where they can
escape to. The saffron walls inside our salon give off the tinge like you have just entered a divine temple.

So you are already sucked in. It’s like taking a vacation from you. Therefore we strive extra hard to give you that serenity you
expect of such a location. All of us working here at Meilin Salon & Spa are trained to identify individual traits and needs of our
clients. We do not follow no cookie-cutter approach. Neither do we assume that what works for a social gathering will also work for
professional events. We do not assume each of our clients will go by popular taste either. Our target is to provide customized
solutions. Our single-minded focus on your satisfaction is how we have built a loyal and ever growing client base. Last but not least,
parking is never an issue at Meilin Salon & Spa. We are located in one of the least busy intersections of the city. It is one of the few
places in our cherished city where there actually some greenery is still thriving. Wheelchair access is available.
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